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Why Bob's is Brazilian, But Bob is Not

By Adam Lee - Posted on 04 April 2011

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All Brazilians know Bob's burger joint but few may know that the owner, Robert "Bob" Falkenburg, was born in the USA and found success not in the food-court, but on the tennis court. Just before a 1948 win at Wimbledon, he married a carioca woman and by 1950, they had moved to Rio de Janeiro to live.

One year later, he opened Falkenburg Sorveteria and thereby introduced whipped ice cream to Brazil. In 1952, the ice-cream-centric shop became Bob's, eventually making the former tennis champion a very wealthy man. At the time, it had a single location in Copacabana and served burgers, hot dogs and shakes, quickly becoming the favorite hang-out of diplomats and artists. Today, there are 600 locations in 4 countries (Chile, Portugal and Angola being the other three). Nationally, Bob's has long come in second place, just behind McDonalds.

It is interesting to point out an unintentional parallel between Falkenburg's first career and his second. When he retired from tennis after his big win, it was due to long-standing respiratory problems, yet one might conclude that such problems can be unnaturally induced as a result of eating too much fast-food. Ask any resident of Rio, though, and they will tell you the item they order the most is the Ovaltine (aka, Ovomaltine) milkshake, and not so much the actual food.

Aside from successes on and off the court, he can claim the title of three-time champion of Brazilian golf. In the mid-1970's, he sold the burger chain and retired in Los Angeles, California, where he still resides at age eighty-five. 


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Luciana Lage's picture

Renata, I had forgotten about the shake. You are right. The shake is delicious :)

Renata Barboza-Murray's picture

 I had never been a big fan of Bob's burgers. But their ovomaltine shake is the best. Not really healthy, but a nice treat after a day at the beach or after the movies. :) 

Oh, and one of the best burgers/ sandwiches in Recife is from Come Come . A great place to go after a "balada" (dance night) since it closes at 4am on Fri and Sat.  



Adam Lee's picture

I've actually never had Bob's but I did try Habib's one day, though only a dessert. I had a pastel de Belem in Belem (but the wrong Belem since they come from the Belem district of Lisbon). As a lanchonete, I'd try Bob's but as a fast-food joint, I think I'll steer clear, lol.

Carl Spanoghe's picture

Cool, I'll have to try Bob's out next time I'm in Brazil.  My favorite burger joint there so far has been Laca Burger.  Picanha burger FTW 

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