Brazilwood – What would Brazil be without it?

Anyone who has read an even brief history of Brazil has heard of Brazilwood, known as pau-brasil in Portuguese, which is how Brazil got its name. The wood is reddish-orange in color and was highly sought after in Europe after its discovery, particularly for the dye extracted from it for use in Read More

Reflexive Verbs Made Simple in Portuguese

Reflexive verbs express what a person does to him/herself. In other words, reflexive verbs are used when the person who performs the action is also the person who receives the action. For example: "I cut myself cooking". The action reflects back on the subject. That is why they are called Read More

Thoughts on Rice & Beans and Public Transport in Brazil

Certain things in life I see as mere details. I want them to fade into the background, to be simple and almost invisible, so I can focus on other things. Food has been a longtime member on my list of what I consider details, perhaps that’s why I want to see what comes of Soylent, the food Read More

Talking about What Is Happening in Portuguese: Present Progressive

Imagine that you are going to have dinner with a friend. You call your friend and say: “I'm leaving now. I will be there in 20 minutes.” You are quietly reading a book at home when you hear a huge noise on the street outside. You look out of the window and wonder: “What is happening?” These Read More

Tibau do Sul Pipa beach Rio Grande do Norte Brazil

Brazilian Nature Envy

It’s now been a few years since I’ve been in Brazil and I often find myself thinking back to my experiences there. Aside from good times I had with friends and going to tons of free or low-cost cultural events, some of my best memories (if I had to choose) are of being in Brazilian nature. It’s Read More


How to Say: To Stop Doing Something in Portuguese – Video lesson

My client and I were talking about how important it is to set personal and professional goals and to determine the steps we need to take to achieve our goals. My client enjoys talking about personal growth. I do too. So we read great articles and watch videos on the topic to inspire our Read More

I have an idea!

Language Learning Mindset: Intelligence is Expandable

When I was visiting The Hague, in the Netherlands, I tried to learn a few words of Dutch. I found it really hard to pronounce it right. As a shy person, I quickly decided I wasn’t good with Dutch and stopped trying to learn some more. Now as I look back I see what the problem really was: I did not Read More


4 Ways to Ask “Where is” in Portuguese – Video lesson

You may have already heard the word cadê. Maybe you were running late and your date called you and asked: “Cadê você?”. Or your spouse could not find his/her glasses and wondered out loud: “Cadê meus óculos?” Although most books will teach you how to use Onde to ask “Where is?”, in Brazil Cadê is Read More

Dia dos Namorados: Valentine's in Brazil

Valentine’s Vocabulary in Portuguese: Dia dos Namorados

In Brazil we celebrate Dia dos Namorados on June 12, instead of Valentine’s Day in February. With this post you will learn more about Dia dos Namorados in Brazil so that you don't get in trouble there :) I will also show you useful phrases for Dia dos Namorados and words that Brazilians use to call Read More


Visiting Brazil: Serra da Canastra

If you'll be visiting Brazil, it's good to know about some options that are literally off the beaten path. The Serra da Canastra is one of Brazil’s most important national parks, located in the southern part of Minas Gerais state, about 200 miles from its capital, Belo Horizonte. The park gets its Read More