Brazil Social Media Concept

Brazilian business culture and social media

In the US, much ink has been be spilled over potential employers checking your Facebook page. In American culture, people like to separate their private life from their business life, and most are fervent defenders of their privacy rights. This is closely connected to the American value of Read More


How to Say Honk the Horn & Use the Turn Signal in Portuguese

Are you planning to drive in Brazil? Many foreigners find it challenging to drive in Brazil. They say traffic is too crazy, cars drive very close to each other, and people drive more aggressively. It is difficult to disagree with these comments. Driving in Brazil feels very different from driving Read More

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How to Use the Verb Ter to Say There is, There are in Portuguese

In a previous lesson you learned how to conjugate and correctly pronounce and use the verb Ter in the present tense. Then we taught you how to use the verb Ter to say that you have to do something. Now you are ready to learn how to use the verb Ter to say “there is” or “there are”. This is a very Read More

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Doing Business with Brazil: Why Is Network So Important?

Brazil has been getting a lot of attention from the international business community. This is no surprise, given the size and continued growth of its economy, the abundant natural resources, thriving tourism, and two major world sports events (the World Cup 2014 and the Summer Olympics 2016) – which Read More

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3 Different Meanings of the Word Receita in Portuguese

My client Greg brought up in class the word Receita. You might be surprised to find out more about the meaning of receita in Portuguese. It has three different and unrelated meanings, all very useful. 1. Receita = Revenue 1) A empresa de Joana tem uma receita de meio milhão de reais por Read More

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The differences between an American and a Brazilian resume

by Camille Lawhead*. Searching for a job gets pretty technical pretty quickly. When working with the Brazilian market, it's important to appreciate distinctions between the two professional cultures, even if these differences can feel superficial. As you certainly know from years of writing and Read More


How to say To Play in Portuguese: Brincar, Tocar & Jogar

In English you play the guitar, the kids play outside, and Brazilians like to play soccer. These are three different ideas expressed with the same verb: to play. In Portuguese, we have three different verbs and they are not interchangeable. This is a major source of confusion for learners of Read More

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Doing Business with Brazil: How to Overcome the Language Barrier

We've all experienced them: misunderstandings, irritations, feelings of exclusion, a sense of inferiority – all common daily challenges when you’re trying to do business with speakers of different languages. We try and get used to each other’s accents and accept the language mistakes that are Read More

Book Review: Cinema for Portuguese Conversation

Book Review: Cinema for Portuguese Conversation

The book Cinema for Portuguese Conversation is a great resource to make your Portuguese lessons even more fun and take your Portuguese practice further. The book uses 14 Portuguese-language movies, almost all Brazilian, to help you acquire vocabulary, develop your writing skills, and advance your Read More