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Street Smart Brazil’s Social Media Gets Even Better

I have great news: Adam Lee will be helping me with Street Smart Brazil's social media. Adam is extremely knowledgeable about Brazil, Portugal, and the Portuguese language.  He has lived in Brazil for several years in different cities and regions, and now lives in Lisbon, Portugal. Adam is very Read More


Portuguese Vocabulary: Same but Different – Part 1

Back in May, I wrote a two-part series called Simple Words, Double Meanings. Along the same lines, there are similar words with (sometimes) different meanings and that’s what I’d like to go over in this two-part series now. In Brazilian Portuguese, there are words that may seem similar but exist Read More


Learn by Breaking down Brazilian Portuguese

In my Street Smart Brazil blog posts over the years, I’ve mentioned several times the personal importance of having translated word for word from newspaper articles when I was in the midst of learning Brazilian Portuguese. One thing I’ve never done here is to show what that actually means, and Read More

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Thoughts on the Language Learning Process

  Every so often I read up on some translation studies out of a desire to take up the profession at some point. In the past, I translated many, many Brazilian newspaper articles for my Brazil-focused blogs, but being that I'm not a professional (translator), surely those translations were Read More

Learn Portuguese

My Early Days of Learning Portuguese

  Sometimes when you reach a certain level of understanding in a language, you stop being able to remember just how hard it all was in the beginning. A few years ago, I went back to a forum I frequented during the early 2000s. It was where I went to talk about Brazil and, occasionally, to Read More


Portuguese as an Official Language

In late-July, the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) admitted Spanish-speaking Equatorial Guinea, its ninth member, despite the fact that the country is not a Portuguese-speaking one. The African country, in order to improve economic relations with the CPLP’s eight long-time official Read More


Brazilian Portuguese Vocabulary Mania

In English, we have the word mania which denotes a mental illness marked by periods of euphoria. In Latin, it means “insanity, madness”. It’s lesser used, secondary English definition is “an excessive enthusiasm or desire; an obsession”. In Brazilian Portuguese, the same word has the principal Read More


Brazilian Culture: History and Meaning of the Brazilian Flag

The Brazilian flag has gone through many iterations. Since Brazil was an empire (1822 - 1889), the flag has consisted of a green field, with a yellow diamond in the middle (only this previous version had a coat of arms in the center). By 1889, when Brazil became a republic, the flag changed along Read More


Why I want the World Cup in Brazil to be Awesome

A few days before the World Cup opening I mentioned to a friend that I was nervous about the event. I said that I really wanted visitors to have a great time there. My friend then said: “I know, it is because of your business, right?” No, it wasn’t what was going through my mind. Brazil has many Read More


Improve Your Portuguese: Books to Read in Portuguese

How many university teachers have the pleasure of checking their email during the summer break to find that a student is asking for books on your discipline for them to read during the break? That email prompted me to revisit's selection of books in Portuguese. I will share my Read More