Businesspeople Having Meeting Around Table In Modern Office

Doing Business with Brazil: How to Overcome the Language Barrier

We've all experienced them: misunderstandings, irritations, feelings of exclusion, a sense of inferiority – all common daily challenges when you’re trying to do business with speakers of different languages. We try and get used to each other’s accents and accept the language mistakes that are Read More

Cinema for Portuguese Conversation

Book Review: Cinema for Portuguese Conversation

The book Cinema for Portuguese Conversation is a great resource to make your Portuguese lessons even more fun and take your Portuguese practice further. The book uses 14 Portuguese-language movies, almost all Brazilian, to help you acquire vocabulary, develop your writing skills, and advance your Read More

preferir - sair cedo

How to Use the Verb Preferir + 4 Power Tips to Avoid Mistakes

After this lesson, you will be able to use the verb Preferir (to prefer) correctly in a sentence. I will show you the conjugation of the verb Preferir in the present tense and will give you examples and 4 power tips to use it correctly and avoid common mistakes. How to Use the Verb Read More

apples - standing out from the crowd

Portuguese Vocabulary: Same but Different – Part 2

    In Part 1, I went over the concepts of homonyms, homographs, and homophones in Brazilian Portuguese. In this post, I’m going to cover different Portuguese vocabulary and talk about paronyms, which are basically words that have similar pronunciation and written form but the Read More

meio cansada

How to Say You Are Kind of Tired in Portuguese

  You've had a long day and are feeling kind of tired to go out tonight. How do you express this idea of kind of tired in Portuguese? One way to do this is to use “meio” followed by the adjective that describes how you feel. For example, the picture above says: Estou meio cansada Read More

ganhei o dia

How to Say You Made my Day in Portuguese

In English you can express joy and gratitude by saying You made my day. How would you say You made my day in Portuguese? In Brazil we’d say: Ganhei o dia. Literal translation: I won the day. Below are a few examples so you can learn how to say You made my day in Read More

longe da pra ir

8 Examples to Teach You to Use “Dá pra” in Portuguese

The verb Dar is incredibly versatile because it is used in numerous colloquial expressions in Brazilian Portuguese. In this lesson I will show you a very useful and commonly used expression with the verb Dar. Dar is an irregular verb. By itself it means “to give”. I very much encourage you to Read More

leave in conditioner

How to Say Lotion and Leave-In Conditioner in Portuguese

  Brazilian Portuguese is my native language and a central part of my life. I was born and raised in Brazil, lived there almost my entire life, and visit once a year. I work with the Portuguese language every day, teaching, reading, writing, speaking, and learning. Yet, now I am in Read More