Brazilian Music: Tarde em Itapuã – Translated lyrics

One of my favorite Brazilian music videos to put on and listen to is Tarde em Itapuã sung acoustically by its composer Toquinho and invited guest Gil Gilberto. It’s such a great, soothing song and it has the power to transport me back to any number of Brazilian beaches I’ve sat and pondered life on. Read More

onde judas perdeu as botas

How to say far away in colloquial Portuguese

Você foi longe, hein! Onde Judas perdeu as botas.  Have you ever heard a Brazilian say this? If yes, it’s likely you just said something unexpected in Brazilian Portuguese, that was far from the thoughts of the person you’re speaking to. It’s also likely the phrase was prefixed with a “Nossa!”, Read More

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17 Links to Brazilian Music, Food, and Places

What is the first image that comes to mind when you think about Brazil? I asked this question on our Facebook page and created this interactive image based on the replies posted by our community members. Click the colorful icons on the picture below; hover your mouse over the picture to see them. Read More

Picture a Change Brazil

Picture a Change: Photography in the Brazilian Favelas

I had the pleasure to attend the book release event for Picture a Change: Brazil (yes, that is me in the picture above, with the project team). Picture a Change is more than a photo book. Through art and activism, this group of young artists raise resources that can be used to empower local Read More

perder a hora perder tempo

Learn Portuguese Idioms: Perder a hora & Perder tempo

I saw the picture above on Facebook and it inspired me to create this Portuguese lesson. The picture uses two very useful idiomatic expressions in Portuguese: Perder a hora and Perder tempo.  In this lesson I will give you a tip about the conjugation of the verb Perder and will show you how to use Read More

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Brazilian Portuguese: Using “de”

Sometimes during the language learning process, it’s something rather simple that messes with your head and makes you second-guess yourself. When learning Brazilian Portuguese, I remember how the simple word de would trip me up. Sometimes it was as simple as knowing when to use do or da. Sure, Read More


Brazilian Portuguese Vocabulary: Dengue and Dengoso

What does a pest, a feeling, a dwarf, and bossa nova have in common? I know you were wondering the same thing, so I'll go ahead and tell you. ; ) Late in September, news came out about how Brazil had released so-called good mosquitos to fight dengue fever. Researchers let thousands of the Read More

What does Tudo Bem mean? How to Greet Your Friends in Portuguese

What does Tudo Bem mean? How to Greet Your Friends in Portuguese   I am often asked: "What does tudo bem”mean?" It is no surprise that this is a popular question. Your Brazilian friends likely greet you with "tudo bem?” on a daily basis. Let’s see what exactly tudo bem means and how you can Read More


Double-scoop of Brazilian Portuguese

Having adjusted once more to a culture that is not Brazilian, I find myself gifted again with hearing small groups of others speak Brazilian Portuguese from time to time. I use the verb “to gift” because when I unexpectedly come across someone from my second home (Brazil), it´s a special occurrence. Read More


Brazilian Portuguese & The Universal Translator

At the end of July last year, a short article reprint came out on the tech site Cnet called, “Google has a ‘near perfect’ universal translator” (the type of Star Trek fame). Part of the content from the article is based on a conversation with Brazilian Hugo Barra, Android’s former product guru, who Read More