leave in conditioner

How to Say Lotion and Leave-In Conditioner in Portuguese

  Brazilian Portuguese is my native language and a central part of my life. I was born and raised in Brazil, lived there almost my entire life, and visit once a year. I work with the Portuguese language every day, teaching, reading, writing, speaking, and learning. Yet, now I am in Read More

fabric tecido

How to Say Fabric in Portuguese – False friends

When you live your life in 2 languages, your brain will eventually mix up your languages. I had a funny experience today. I am in Recife visiting my family.  Just got here yesterday :) And today I've already mixed up my languages because of some false friends (false cognates). Do you know how to Read More


How Brazil Celebrates the New Year

You probably know about the big fireworks show in Rio de Janeiro’s New Year’s  Eve celebration. But do you know how else we celebrate the New Year in Brazil? Learn some of the superstitions and foods that are popular in the Brazilian New Year ’s Eve celebrations. Download your Street Smart Brazil Read More


Words that Begin with DES in Portuguese

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPoBeUxYjGQ&feature=youtu.be In this lesson you will learn words that begin with Des in Portuguese: 1.      The meaning of the prefix des in Portuguese 2.     Commonly used words that start with des The prefix des in Portuguese means a negation, a Read More

book is launched reduced

Colloquial Portuguese is a Great Holiday Gift

  What would you answer in the following situation? You are in Brazil and you meet your friend to go out for dinner: YOU: Oi, tudo bem? YOUR FRIEND: Nossa! Tô um bagaço. Bati perna o dia todo resolvendo coisas. YOU: O quê? YOUR FRIEND: Vamos? Estou verde de fome! E hoje vamos colocar o Read More


Brazilian Pop Culture 101 in One Song

Have you heard of Tiago Abravanel? He is a Brazilian singer and actor. His new song named Eclético  is very catchy and its music video is fun and creative.  In the music video, Tiago impersonates several Brazilian celebrities. We recommend this song for your cultural learning.  We have created a Read More


How to Use the Verb Ir in Portuguese

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS32D3EMeNA&list=PL7931754AD2B7EF0A Our lesson today is about the Verb Ir which means to go. You will learn: How to conjugate this power verb in the present tense How to correctly use the verb 5 Street smart tips that will make your Portuguese better Read More


Brazilian Portuguese Lesson: Ficar na minha

Vou ficar na minha = I will keep to myself In life, we’ve all had moments when we wanted to keep to ourselves, in the sense of staying away from other people. Of course, the secondary meaning would be to keep something a secret (ex, “keep that to yourself!”), but I’ll focus on the first definition Read More

de onde voce tirou isso

Portuguese Lesson: 2 Useful Phrases for Moments of Surprise

  Today I have a short Portuguese lesson for you. I believe it will come in handy when you need these two useful phrases. De onde você tirou isso? It is useful to know this phrase. It means, “Where’d you get/take that from?” It can be used literally: for example, if you all of a sudden Read More


Brazilian Music: Tarde em Itapuã – Translated lyrics

One of my favorite Brazilian music videos to put on and listen to is Tarde em Itapuã sung acoustically by its composer Toquinho and invited guest Gil Gilberto. It’s such a great, soothing song and it has the power to transport me back to any number of Brazilian beaches I’ve sat and pondered life on. Read More