Know How Your Brain Works and Learn Portuguese Easier

I enjoy watching my husband Carl cooking a new dish. For me, cooking is a major challenge. I never know the right point of anything. Is the dough thick enough? Is it too thick? Should I put more of this or that? It's frustrating. With Carl everything works fine. In the end, it seems like we had Read More

A hot sunny day in summer

How to Say I’m Melting in Portuguese

Is it summer where you are now? How hot is it? Here in Brazil summer temperatures can get pretty crazy. This past summer Rio got as hot as 45C (113F) with thermal sensation of 50C (122F). Yes, that is pretty hot. So it is no surprise that we have colloquial expressions to talk about this. Read More

até que enfim 2

Two Ways to Say Finally, At last in Portuguese

Do you sometimes feel that you work so hard on your grammar and then find yourself looking for words during a conversation? This is common with language learners. But Street Smart Brazil is here to the rescue. Today I want to show you one word and one expression that work just as “Finally” and Read More

ainda ainda nao

Still wondering how to say Still in Portuguese?

  Say you are going to catch a movie with a friend after work. Your friend calls and asks if you are on your way. Unfortunately you are still at work. How do you say that in Portuguese? In this lesson I will teach you two very useful uses of the word Ainda: Ainda = still, as in “I Read More

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Here’s a Simple Technique to Help Your Language Learning

Have you ever felt disappointed because you studied so much for that test, but got a bad grade? As a language learner, how many times have you felt that you understood the lesson, but later found out that you were using that new word or grammar point incorrectly? We blame it on the teacher or Read More

ainda mais ainda menos

Learn to Use Ainda and Make Your Portuguese More Effective

Say you and a friend are talking about Brazilian music. Your friend mentions Vanessa da Mata and you want to say that you like Marisa Monte even more. This is what I am going to show you today: How to communicate ideas such as “even more”, “even less”, “even better”, etc. You do this using the Read More


Labor Rights of the Brazilian Cowboy

There are professional cowboys in Brazil and they have their workers' rights protected by law. Back in 2013 the Brazilian Senate passed a law that officially recognized the profession of cowboy in the country. Considering there have been cowboys in Brazil since it was founded, this was a big win Read More

vermelha vermelho

Learn the Gender of Adjectives to Speak Better Portuguese

My previous post showed you the main rules that will help you determine if a noun is masculine or feminine. Now you need to learn about the gender of adjectives so you can match nouns and adjectives correctly and speak better Portuguese. In this lesson I will show you: Adjectives that have Read More

Brazilian breakfast

Being Gluten Free in Brazil

For many, being gluten free is an option. But for others, like me, it is a requirement of life. I would like to share a little about how it is to be gluten free in Brazil. I hope this will be useful for those with Celiac or any kind of gluten intolerance. Read More

Gender of Nouns in Portuguese

Feel Comfortable with the Gender of Nouns in Portuguese

If you have been learning Portuguese, you already know that nouns have a gender in Portuguese: they are either masculine or feminine. And you probably do not like it too much, do you? ;) In this lesson you will learn: The main rules of masculine and feminine for the gender of nouns in Read More