Learning Portuguese from Mistakes

  While looking through Street Smart Brazil’s blog archives, I rediscovered the article on Tips to Overcome Language Learning Frustration. In it, there’s the phrase, "Tell your Brazilian friends that they don’t need to correct every detail of what you say." As it happens, it evoked Read More

35 Flashcards: Parts of the House in Portuguese

35 Flashcards: Parts of the House in Portuguese

Would you like to host your Brazilian friends and give them a tour of the house in Portuguese? With these flashcards you can do so. In this lesson you will find 35 flashcards to learn the parts of the house in Portuguese. The cards have sound so that you can learn how to pronounce each word. But Read More

Why is E-Commerce Booming in Brazil?

The average income of the Brazilian population has been increasing and Brazil has officially become a middle-class country. In fact, by 2020, Brazil is projected to be the fifth-largest consumer market in the world, ahead of France and the United Kingdom. That’s a huge potential market. No wonder Read More


Brazilian Music: Canta Canta, Minha Gente – Translated Lyrics

There's a type of Brazilian music that I find really encompasses the joviality found in Brazilian society and one person that understands this is Martinho da Vila, a highly respected sambista from Rio de Janeiro. One of his songs that easily expresses the joie d’vivre is Canta Canta, Minha Gente, a Read More


Samba’s Best – Noel Rosa

Known as one of the most important names in all of Brazilian music, Noel Rosa was a singer, songwriter, and composer of samba. He was born in 1910 in the traditional Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Vila Isabel. Due to lifelong health problems and contracting tuberculosis, he died at the age of 26, Read More

começar a cozinhar

How to Say: To Start Doing Something in Portuguese

This is one of those simple things that give a lot of trouble to learners of Portuguese. After this lesson you will no longer make mistakes when saying that you will start doing something or have started doing something. Your Portuguese will sound much better when you use this simple structure Read More


Brazilian Portuguese Movie Vocabulary with Crossword Puzzle

Like movies? With this lesson you will be able to talk about your favorite movies in Portuguese. You will learn all the main Brazilian Portuguese movie vocabulary that you need to talk about films, including great conversations about the Oscar categories. I am also going to show you good expressions Read More

Travel Portuguese lesson

Enjoy this Free Travel Portuguese Lesson

Planning that awesome trip to Brazil? Make it even better with some Travel Portuguese! Most people in Brazil do not speak English or speak very little English. Yes, you may find English speakers at your hotel front desk and in large companies. But your experience in Brazil will be much more than Read More


7 Must-Eat Brazilian Foods

There's way more to Brazilian food than rice and beans, churrascarias, and cachaça, so we've put together a list of must-try Brazilian foods that will delight your tastebuds, expand your palate, and impress your clients (through your extensive knowledge of authentic Brazilian fare)! From small bites Read More