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6 Portuguese Words with no English Translation

The Portuguese language is full of idiosyncrasies that make mastering the language so much harder. As if that wasn't enough, Portuguese has many words that have no direct translation to English, which can make learning Brazilian Portuguese frustrating. But don't fret! We have set up a list of Read More


Learn Brazilian Portuguese from the Headlines

Using headlines, as I’ve shown before in a previous article, is a good way to improve your Brazilian Portuguese. Doing exercises, such as the one I’ve created below, on a regular basis can really help you progress in several areas at once. Additionally, with a thesaurus by your side, skimming of Read More

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How To Dominate Portuguese Slang Like a Boss!

Everyone wants to sound good when speaking a foreign language. And everyone is self-conscious of sounding like they're speaking from a textbook. Learning slang, colloquialisms, and idioms is a fun and engaging way to get excited about delving into a language. Plus, it keeps us from sounding overly Read More


Brazilian Culture: Southern Brazil’s Farroupilha Week

Brazil is full of colorful celebrations steeped in tradition and a sense of community. There’s the all-too-well-known Carnival, as well as many other festivities that bring Brazilians together throughout the year, such as the Boi Bumbá, June festivals, Folia dos Reis, and dozens more. Even more Read More

Brazil Social Media Concept

Brazilian business culture and social media

In the US, much ink has been be spilled over potential employers checking your Facebook page. In American culture, people like to separate their private life from their business life, and most are fervent defenders of their privacy rights. This is closely connected to the American value of Read More


How to Say Honk the Horn & Use the Turn Signal in Portuguese

Are you planning to drive in Brazil? Many foreigners find it challenging to drive in Brazil. They say traffic is too crazy, cars drive very close to each other, and people drive more aggressively. It is difficult to disagree with these comments. Driving in Brazil feels very different from driving Read More

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How to Use the Verb Ter to Say There is, There are in Portuguese

In a previous lesson you learned how to conjugate and correctly pronounce and use the verb Ter in the present tense. Then we taught you how to use the verb Ter to say that you have to do something. Now you are ready to learn how to use the verb Ter to say “there is” or “there are”. This is a very Read More

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Doing Business with Brazil: Why Is Network So Important?

Brazil has been getting a lot of attention from the international business community. This is no surprise, given the size and continued growth of its economy, the abundant natural resources, thriving tourism, and two major world sports events (the World Cup 2014 and the Summer Olympics 2016) – which Read More